How to register a new domain name

Domain name registration isn't nearly as complicated as it sounds. Just follow the 3 simple steps below, and secure your domain names today!

1.) Type a name into the box below that you would like to register, choose the correct extension (.com, etc.), and click the "search" button. (Your name may contain 67 characters, including the 4 characters for the extent ion. Characters are limited to letters, numbers, and hyphens. Our name, 123-domain-name-registration.com, is a great example of a domain name that utilizes all three kinds of characters.)


Step 1. domain name search


.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ca, .us, .cn, .name

2.) Once you type in a domain name which is available to register, you will be shown a 'results' page where you will be able to add the names to your shopping basket. (However, if the name is already registered, you will be told so, and will have to type in another name.)

3.) If the name *is* available, and you wish to register it, click on the order form button, fill in your information and click the "submit registration" button. Your credit card will be charged and the name will be instantly registered by an ICANN accredited registrar in real-time.

Once you register a domain name with us, you can easily activate a web hosting plan with any service provider of your choice. (We also offer you a free business card web page, e-mail forwarding, and domain forwarding.)

As the owner of the domain name, it is your decision when, (and if) you want to activate a hosting policy with a web hosting provider. In the meantime, with each $14.95/yr domain name registration, we will give you a free business card web page, e-mail forwarding, and domain forwarding... click here for more information on this complementary service. Once you establish an agreement with a web hosting company, that hosting company will "point" your domain name to an empty web space (identified by what is called an IP address) on one of their web servers. You will then be instructed on how to upload your website to that empty IP address. It is only after your website has been uploaded to your new IP address, and your domain name has been pointed at that IP address by your hosting company, will you be able to type your domain name into a browser window and "find" your website online. In other words, it is only by activating a hosting policy will you be able to use your new address in actual commerce.

Please note that you are under *no* obligation to host your site with our partners even though you bought your domain at this site. As we explained above, website hosting and domain name registration are completely independent of one another and you are able to solicit the services of any hosting provider you so choose, at any time.

Our last word of advice on buying domain names ... if you find one you like, buy it now and worry about finding hosting later. Don't be cheap or hesitate when it comes to laying the foundation for your web presence, or you will most surely regret it. A domain name is bought every 2 seconds... the name you want could be next.

The most important thing to remember about buying domain names is that when you find one that you like, buy it now and worry about hosting later. We already explained that hosting and name registration really don't have anything to do with each other, so don't put off securing the name. So while we encourage you to exercise caution when reviewing different hosting plans, the very name you found available today, may literally not be available tomorrow if you hesitate. So if you plan on investing in a long-term online presence, we strongly suggest that you consider the following: (in addition to buying all variations, including common misspellings, of your company name)

buy your root name with all three extensions (.com, .net, .org.) The cost of buying all three names now is far less expensive than a trademark infringement lawsuit later. (If you question this, compare the cost of the 2 additional domain names with an hour of quality legal council to defend your name later.)

even *more* important than buying your name with the 3 extensions is to consider buying your name with and without hyphens if your name contains compound words. This is undoubtedly the most common oversight when registering a domain name. We own both 123-domain-name-registration.com and 123domainnameregistration.com. The hyphens help people (and search engines) find our site because it makes a long word easier to read. It also helps prevent others who may hope to benefit from our good reputation by registering a similar name.

... it is far less expensive to buy your names now than to buy them later from a domain name broker. A good domain name can, and will, be used against you. Buying them now is your best insurance against having another company use a similar name to attempt to reap the rewards of your advertising efforts (or "traffic-jack" you.) So don't delay, or be cheap, when it comes to buying domain names and laying the foundation for your web presence... or you will most surely regret it.
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